7 Day Integrating the Legs

NOTE: Some videos are hosted on VIMEO and don’t like to play on MAC products when using Safari. Switch to Chrome or Firefox for your browser and they should play.

Day 1
Introduction [2 mins]

Feldenkrais Frog Leg
[13 mins]

Day 2
Feldenkrais Feet Pressing [14 mins]

Day 3
Sitting Foot Pressing [9 mins]

Day 4
Feldenkrais Leg Over Chest [17 mins]

Day 5
Prone Creeping [8.52 min]

Day 6
Time to grow your skill with a longer audio lesson. If you struggle, take a break and come back. Once you are able to hang out in the zone of longer lessons with more unknowns, you will find benefits far exceed any learning irritation.

Opening the Hips from the foot to the arm overhead – supine [59 mins]

Day 7
Repeat your favorite from the week–or the hardest and see how much easier it has become. Enjoy!