7 Haiku and a Couplet for a Feldenkrais Gathering


Guest post by Lawrence R K Becker

Feldenkrais Party:

I’ll pretend I’m a poet

With talent to burn.


Julie made some prints.

One, stones stacked like vertebrae:

Just had to buy it!


Website photo shoot.

Camera scrutinizes,

But Arlene just smiles.


Other bourbon friends

Can’t get me to do as much

Good as Larry can.


Years of Feldenkrais.

Learning to trust Cynthia

Has been a good choice.


Counselor Carol,

On Wednesdays, watches the fish

Keep clients’ secrets.


Football playoff time.

How kind, our hosts, to schedule

On Pro Bowl Sunday.


The rest of you, watch what you say,

Or you’ll be in a poem some day.


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