Working with Us

Restoring health and reaching potential is an active process. You are a whole person, not a collection of parts or problems, and we get that. You have likely tried traditional treatments. Whether you call it holistic or integrative, what we offer is a different approach tailored just to you that will allow your body to respond at a much deeper level.

We help you navigate

Pain: from injury, autoimmune, muscle tension



Mobility Challenges: balance, walking, running

Joint/Bone Health: arthritis, injury, posture, osteoporosis

Trauma: from automobile accidents, PTSD

Neurological challenges

A Different Approach

Your nervous system

Your brain is working overtime to try and figure out how to get out of this chronic challenge. We can help your brain ask better questions and create better answers. This starts with calming an nervous system that is in overdrive. From there, we engage you in a learning processes.

Less pain, more gain

We do not believe in causing pain to decrease pain. You may be thinking you are willing to undergo any amount of pain to get better. Our approach is to reduce your pain by increasing ease.

We know this works because we have seen it work thousands of times.

A few big words

While we don’t describe our work as alternative, you may not be familiar with our modalities. This is good news. You can’t make headway by doing what you have already done if that something didn’t work. The big words?  The Feldenkrais Method®, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Bones for Life and The Sounder Sleep System®.

Our Format

Private Sessions: We currently provide sessions online for Coaching, NLP, and Sleep issues only.

Classes/Workshops: We offer a wide range of online classes and workshops.