Art Opening: A Soul’s Journey Collective Collage by Pamela Lee

Join us on Friday, July 13th at 6:00 pm

at Future Life Now and meet artist Pamela Lee

Several of her artworks will be on display. Guitar music by Todd Juengling.
Meet Pamela Lee and connect with new and old friends alike.
Light refreshment will be served. We hope to see you!

Future Life Now is located at 4138 Hamilton Ave, Suite B, Northside, 45223. Free parking will be available in the lot behind our building and on the street. The entrance is on the Knowlton St. side of our building. Come up to the second floor for our suite.


About Pamela Lee

I am a singer.  But the silent communing through visual art has called to me often in my life, now more than ever.  I was an art major in high school.  My mom always had us doing paper Mache or some art project at home, growing up.

After two sons and a divorce, I became a successful hairdresser and so scissors became my favorite creative tool.  As a single working mom of two boys, I went back to finish art school and was recruited by the head of an interior design studio.

Now I had a lovely career arranging parts into a beautiful whole, (and yes, I was still also doing hair). I started making collages in what little spare time I had.

I have since attended Arrowmont School in Maine and taken other workshops in print, paint, and collage. My favorite teacher/mentor is collage artist and teacher, Holly Roberts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her work inspires me.


Artist Statement

 I am especially interested in spirituality, in dreamscapes, other worlds, and especially our

 inner worlds of our experiences,

individually and collectively.

In my work there are often other paintings beneath the one that gets to stay.  And watercolor or pencil rejects get cut up and become part of something else entirely.

Through the process I enjoy being a conduit for seemingly unrelated parts to form a landscape, a “place” to experience, maybe recognize ourselves in. It’s an exploration that begins and evolves without any plan or concept, to hopefully let something meaningful to all of us come through.

Pamela Lee



Pamela Mallory-Yeager is a working vocalist in the Cincinnati area.  She often works with her husband and pianist, Wayne Yeager.  They live in Montgomery, Ohio with their two dogs and lots of trees and flowers-her favorite past-time is making art with her grandchildren.

She signs her art as Pamela Lee because those are the two names that she has always been.



About the Author

Future Life Now Team

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  1. Great, just learning this about you. It’s not surprising though, many of us wear many hats and become involved with various art forms, as we also share interest and passion for spiritual matter and self-discovery. Good luck with this event! Please come over sometime for an informal session Pamela.

  2. Wonderful! So happy for you. I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend. I’m going to be out of town. Have fun!

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