Art Exhibit Star/Flower: Patterns of Nature by Suzanne Fisher

Join us on Friday, November 2nd at 6:00 to 8:00 pm

at Future Life Now and meet artist Suzanne Fisher

Several of her artworks will be on display. Guitar music by Todd Juengling.
Meet Suzanne and connect with new and old friends alike. 
Light refreshment will be served. We hope to see you!

Purchases from this show can be picked up the week before Christmas!


Future Life Now is located at 4138 Hamilton Ave, Suite B, Northside, 45223. Free parking will be available in the lot behind our building and on the street. The entrance is on the Knowlton St. side of our building. Come up to the second floor for our suite.

Artist Statement

This exhibition includes both mosaics and mixed media resin paintings. The resin paintings are all initially based on floral forms.

I have been fascinated with flowers since I was a child. In our garden, I remember looking down into the center of a red tulip and being intrigued by the elegant and stark geometry inside, velvety black and orangery yellow. I was also particularly taken by black eyed Susan’s, with their unbelievably dark centers in stark contrast to the orange petals. Each flower seemed to be turning its dark face to stare at you. I also have vivid memories of paper flat daisies on wires we bought from Pier 1. They were flat but could be twisted to become more dimensional. In these resin pieces, my flowers evoke some of these different childhood memories.

I combine several elements, acrylic paint, collage papers, and bits of plastic and metal and submerge them all in resin to get a compelling depth and gloss, like amber. The mosaics are created as a variation on Monet’s stars in The Starry Night Painting. They are made primarily of colored glass. Some of their geometric forms are reminiscent of parts of a flower. And some of the flowers look like starbursts.

About Suzanne Fisher

Since I was a child, I have been endlessly fascinated with the magic of creating something wonderful out of colorful scraps and a little bit of glue. Initially I used pieces of scrap felt; now I use shards of colored glass, broken china, and many other discarded items such as broken windshield glass and incorporate them with traditional glass and ceramic tile, stone, smalti and marble to create mosaic murals of all sizes. In addition, I combine mosaic elements with acrylic paint, resin, and collage materials to create mixed media pieces I call resin paintings. I am currently interested in abstracting elements from nature in my artwork. I also work with community groups to create large-scale mosaic murals and create separate mosaic panels in glass as well.

I received my BFA in painting from Miami University and my MFA in painting from the University of Cincinnati. I was awarded a 6-month residency at PS 1 in Queens in 1987, which hosted artists from all over the world. In 1997, I spent 3 weeks at another international residency, at the American Academy in Rome. In addition, I have received numerous grants from the Ohio Arts Council, Summerfair, and the Kentucky Foundation for Women for my artwork in various media.


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