Arwa Atwan, L.Ac.

I was born in Jordan. I was always drawn to the healing arts; even as a young girl, I made herbal drinks and teas to help my family when they were sick. I liked listening to and helping people improve their lives. From my own challenges, I realized how illnesses can have a debilitating impact on people. I wanted to study medicine, but my family could not afford to send me to medical school. So my career began as a Chemical Engineer.

Arwa Atwan becomes an Acupuncturist

Then I married and moved to the United States to join my husband who was working and living here. It didn’t take long for me to realize that engineering was not my calling. After starting my own family, I sought the path of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine which fit my vision of medicine as a balance between faith and healing. I spent four years studying Chinese Medicine. It was a challenge, trying to keep up with studying in a second language while raising a family! Yet at the same time, I couldn’t have been happier with this career decision.

I always tell my patients that the most important aspect in the healing process is to envision themselves as healed, yet to love themselves as they are. This gives us the positive energy to reach our goals. I’ve found such fulfillment providing assistance to individuals on their paths to wellness. I am continually amazed and inspired by the transformations that can occur with a few little needles.

Although I am an introvert, I always make it part of my routine to volunteer with a community organization. My role is typically to organize the social events. I also volunteer to feed the hungry and I help people who are transitioning to the USA, because I know how it feels to be adjusting to a new land.

Arwa Atwan with a client during an acupuncture session at Future Life Now

I try to spread happiness. Fulfilling my true calling is one of many ways of overcoming the many challenges that I have faced.

In my spare time, you’ll find me doing my favorite things like hanging out with my family, going on road trips, Skyping with our families back in Jordan and Palestine, cooking and create new recipes, hanging out with friends, walking in parks, listening to music, drinking tea, taking pictures, and appreciating each moment.


Arwa Atwan is an Ohio licensed acupuncturist and a national board certified NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) practitioner. She graduated from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio, where she earned a masters level certificate in acupuncture. She also hold a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering.

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