Essential Oils and Chinese Medicine

Your meridians are the channels through which your life energy (Chi) flows, including your emotions. The natural and free flow of Chchi-balance-essential-oilsi and balanced emotions moving throughout your meridians ensures your good health.

While blocked or suppressed emotions result in imbalances and clogged meridian channels, we can restore the five element balance. The harmonious flow of Chi is the heart of the purpose of Chinese medicine. The five elements are the five categories of Chi related to the various organs, body systems, emotions and psychological states of a human being.

Essential oils can be used to safely and effectively balance and restore health to the five element system through the meridians. Using the direct application and inhalation of your essential oils is especially effective for restoring the flow of chi.

Also, diluting your favorite essential oil, or blend of oils, with a vegetable carrier oil for skin application is advised. Applying a blend along a blocked meridian channel or acupuncture point before needling is effective for stimulating the flow of chi.

Universal essential oils to consider using are lavender and frankincense. They can be used alone or blended with other oils. I have a selection of natural blend formulas that can help bring the meridian channels and five elements into balance. Some conditions that can be treated are: headaches, insomnia, stress, hormonal, and stomach imbalance too. By applying these oils on the temples and on the affected area, essential oils can help bring greater grounding too.

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  1. Very interesting and exciting new ways with an ancient healing art!
    And the aromas must be wonderful to enjoy during a treatment. I need an appointment soon!!

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