Feldenkrais Method for a child with Down Syndrome – Natalie at 20 months

I have been working with Natalie, who has Down Syndrome, since she was eight months old.  In that first year she had two open heart surgeries which certainly adds to the developmental mix. My job as a Feldenkrais practitioner begins with play, play and play. Or maybe better said play with a focus. Natalie is quite active so engaging her in interactive play is key.

I have recorded video of all her sessions and am just now starting to go back to edit select ones. I skipped a lot of important months but perhaps I will get back to some of those as well.


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Cynthia is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, a Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence, and a co-creator of Integral Human Gait theory. By day, she helps children and adults find easier ways to navigate life challenges and thrive. By night, she is dreaming up new options for how we can all become more fully human through awareness, curiosity, elegance and action.

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  2. What beautiful therapy – a lovely example of exploration and movement through Feldenkrais and a lesson to us all thank you. I look forward to more posts of Natalie.

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