Feldenkrais Method

of neuromuscular reeducation

Let’s start with the hard part. How to say the word Feldenkrais®.
Feld-en-krais rhymes with par-a-dise. Feldenkrais/paradise. Actually much easier than you might have imagined.

So what is the Feldenkrais Method®? Created by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, it is a learning approach for developing easier movement. Whether you are stiff, have pain or functional limitations or play golf, you can benefit from moving with greater ease and precision. While some Olympic athletes use the Feldenkrais Method, most people are just seeking to get through the day without mishap.

Movement is life.
Without movement,
life is unthinkable.Moshe Feldenkrais

Bold words. Yet even the actions of breathing or swallowing require movement. Our cells are alive and bumping about. And beyond food, movement is the primary way our health is maintained. It isn’t just about how much we move. Quality movement is quality medicine. Quality movement literally affects the way in which those cells bump about and produce health.

The Feldenkrais Method seeks to keep us learning across the span of our entire life. Once we are adults, many of us fail to appreciate how we acquired the ability to stand, walk or even reach. But the software we were born with is still with us. We only need a little help in reactivating it to decrease pain and increase comfort.

There are two ways to engage in this approach.

Individual Sessions

Feldenkrais Functional Integration®

Client receiving Feldenkrais Method Functional Integration therapy
“There is no touch quite like the Feldenkrais touch.” These are words from a recent client who has experienced many modalities. Feldenkrais Functional Integration is a uniquely beautiful experience because of the attention given to meeting each client’s needs by engaging their brain and skeletal system. In a Functional Integration lesson, Cynthia uses gentle, noninvasive touch and words. It may seem like massage or chiropractic at first, but these are very different approaches from the Feldenkrais Method.

As a Feldenkrais Practitioner, Cynthia does not fix or treat, but helps the client develop awareness, sensation, and improved coordination through non-invasive touch and movement. Revolving around the change the client is seeking, sessions are often deeply relaxing with improvements that unfold for days afterwards. With a series of sessions, learning builds and normal day-to-day experience is enhanced. Independence from the practitioner is achieved as the learning deepens. Clients often find themselves achieving potential they had not considered before.

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Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®

Feldenkrais Method Awareness Through Movement class Cincinnati
In Awareness Though Movement classes, Cynthia gives verbal directions and cues, leading students to explore movement sequences. The movement sequences, simple as they appear, promote learning. Initially students note subtle changes such as increased range of motion. Over time, these initial gains lead to significant change. Classes are often planned around a theme such as neck comfort, back health, or getting up and down from the floor. However, every lesson taught involves integration from head to toe, brain to action. So you can get phenomenal results for wrist pain.

The movement lessons, range in complexity. A lesson using imagination can be quite demanding and very beneficial, but so can a lesson which involves doing a task one would think impossible. The way in which progression is developed is unique and allows each person to expand their functional range while reducing discomfort or risk of injury. Nonjudgmental in nature, one learns to attend to one’s own process and to release ambition in favor of true learning.

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