Praise of our Holistic Health Programs

I came to see Larry because of the nightmares and PTSD I suffered after my husband took his life. I couldn’t walk into my basement without seeing his body lying there on the cold ground, right in front of the washer and dryer I had to use once a week. At night, I relived that terrible night in my dreams and would wake up wailing or screaming. I could barely get out of bed and go to work. I considered moving from my home of 22 years at that time, but it felt wrong to just try to run away. And since I would have to take my mind and memories with me anyway, it seemed pointless to put myself through another major life-change. I even considered ending my own life.

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I slept, I slept, I slept!!!

Please, a life time more!

Thank you Larry Wells.
Renee Groenemann, MA, PC, NCC, CHT, PRYT

deanne_bell_0015webI was running alongside the Rattlesnake Creek in Montana when I felt a twinge in my left hamstring and my knee torque. Bit-by-bit my range of motion narrowed only to be replaced by lower back pain and the fear that I wouldn’t be able to run, dance or jump for joy again. Then last year I met Cynthia and the Feldenkrais Method. In the beginning I didn’t understand why she was guiding me to make such small moves over and over again but I trusted her and the advice not to do movements that hurt. By slowing things down I’m redeveloping a relationship with my body and mind that’s giving me more choices, greater freedom and a sense of ease. At times it feels as if my body is resetting itself. Often I catch myself simply enjoying being in a pain free body. And as I’ve begun to feel stronger and move with more confidence I’ve even started running again. Perhaps the greatest gift of this work so far though is the joy I feel when I hear music that moves me. Then, and effortlessly, I get up and dance.

Deanne Bell


When I think of the work I have done with Cynthia Allen and the Feldenkrais Method, one word that comes to mind is possibility. Elaine Feldenkrais ScoliosisI have scoliosis and it has caused me to be sedentary most of my life. I avoid standing and walking for long stretches of time whenever possible. This has worsened as I have gotten older.
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Elaine Price


After four Feldenkrais sessions with Cynthia, I completed a trip to Japan where I lead an art tour over the course of two weeks.helen-rindsberg-compressedweb Before the trip, I was concerned about my capacity to pull this trip off, but through the work with Cynthia I was able to lead a group in a foreign country with greatly reduced pain levels. As you can imagine, I returned from the trip with new hope.
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Helen Rindsberg

Cynthia Allen’s Feldenkrais work is simple to do and allows stunning results in movement and flexibility.mort-nicholsonweb  I notice guys younger than me creaking around, limited, and stooped over.  Not me, at least so far anyway. 
Mort Nicholson

Today I woke up at 7:00 and did a series of exercises in bed, had breakfast, and practiced my violin. Then I rode the Nu Step judy-doylebike for 15 minutes and used the elliptical machine for 5 minutes. When that was done, I got dressed and my husband and I headed out for Columbus. I drove an hour of that trip. We visited with a friend for two hours and then went to a dinner meeting. We left at 6:30 and drove back and arrived home at 8:30.  I took only two pain pills all day and had almost NO pain. I am very excited about that!

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Judy Doyle

Lynda Waring Future Life Now Feldenkrais holistic clientWhat do I like about Future Life Now?
I like the Feldenkrais Method, Bones for Life, and Gait classes and workshops which have improved my balance and mobility immensely.

I like acupuncture which has provided relief and improvement for many things, (but I still can’t explain how!).
Massage is not only relaxing, it compliments the other services.
And I like Neuro Linguistic Programming because it helped head off a problem that I became aware of while working on balance.
But I like best that each of these work together to show me a path for growth. The practitioners can collaborate so that I get a multiplier effect from all the services.
And don’t forget the tea! The tea, the art gallery, and the relaxing atmosphere. I’m glad I found Future Life Now.

Lynda Waring

Rob Faessler NLPI truly believe that because of Larry Wells and Neuro Linguistic Programming my back surgery recovery was MUCH better than it would have been otherwise. An additional benefit of Neuro Linguistic Programming has been weight loss and overall better health! Because of the back surgery, exercise was difficult. So I had to make SURE I was eating right and doing the exercises that the surgeon allowed me to do. Through several Neuro Linguistic Programming processes, I eliminated late night eating and also stopped eating “junk food” that only supplied empty calories! Additionally, I had the motivation to exercise within my post-surgical means and continued to exercise on a weekly basis.

—Rob Faessler

tree buds in springI have participated in many services at Future Life Now, from private Feldenkrais Method sessions with Cynthia, as well as her Bones for Life, Walk for Life and Feldenkrais classes.  I quickly learned how increasing awareness of movement patterns followed by minor adjustments to posture and movement can greatly reduce joint and disc pain and the muscle “armoring” I had fallen into for over the prior 10 years. Walking is never the same after you begin to incorporate this learning and simple changes into your life.

I also have experienced the benefits of massage with Terry, resulting in further reduction in muscle tension and improved mobility, along with increased relaxation. I attended the free class on the benefits of low intensity vibration, and then purchased a LivMD device. Using this low-intensity vibration device daily has continued to increase my flexibility and decrease muscle/myofascial pain even further.

By working with the staff at Future Life Now, I have totally changed the way that I move, in profoundly positive ways. I’ve started dancing again, which I had stopped for several years due to increased pain/joint/disc issues. For those that have tried many other services and paths to healing and have not yet found relief, I highly recommend that you give Future Life Now a try.

—Lisa Clark

Rodriguez Yamilca Feldenkrais
Cynthia is incredibly intuitive as she works the body. She senses in a holistic manner and works directly at the source leaving you completely whole. The greatest thing is that the pain is completely gone and I feel stronger. Every time my Feldenkrais Method session ends my body feels aligned and ready for anything.

—Yamilca Rodriguez

square buds
In one session of Neuro Linguistic Programming, less than an hour, Larry facilitated more change and empowerment on an issue I was stuck on than I had been able to achieve on my own for more than a year.


Darrell Miller FeldenkraisAfter seeking several alternative therapies for frozen shoulder, I experienced immediate results and relief from my pain through sessions with Cynthia using the Feldenkrais Method. I am more aware than ever of how I position myself in everyday adtivities and have experienced a better quality of life.

—Darrell P. Miller

Khaula_AcupunctureI would like to acknowledge Arwa Atwan’s great work in helping me avoid another surgery in my neck. Despite having another herniated disk in C4-5, and s/p ACDF @ C5-6 in 2005, I have been doing great with the acupuncture therapy. I used to need at least monthly therapeutic massages. I haven’t needed one for almost nine months, since I started acupuncture with Arwa. I used to do acupuncture with an MD certified in acupuncture, but did not get dramatic results as I have with Arwa. I am so thankful for Arwa’s help and the great passion she has for her work. It makes a difference.

—Khaula Sawah, Pharm.D, MS, BCPS

tree buds in springMy visits with Larry Wells for Neuro Linguistic Programming helped me pinpoint several negative beliefs. Once identified, I learned how to dispel them and begin to move in a more positive direction to attain my goals and, most importantly, to enjoy the journey along the way.


Penny Feldenkrais clientWhen I first came to see Cynthia for sessions in the Feldenkrais Method, it was all about pain. There was no forward looking, I was just making it day-to-day. Now forward motion is possible and the options feel limitless.

—Penny Costilla

Tree buds in springBefore seeing Arwa for my eye and weight loss, I did lose 4 pounds with acupuncture. I came tired, with a droopy eye and chunky. After just one treatment, I had more vigor and generally felt better. After several treatments, I was no longer easy to tire and felt like a new person with lots of energy. I have the best acupuncturist around. She is gentle, kind, considerate, caring, and honest.

—Lori Long

tree buds in springThrough Cynthia, the Feldenkrais Method has helped me recover more options in movement in my life on many levels, including the physical, mental and psychological. It is assisting my body to ‘re-member’ itself.


green tree buds in early springI feel different. I can’t say exactly how, but I really feel different after just two Neuro Linguistic Programming sessions. I perceive myself differently. More relaxed and confident. Normally at work I would begin to feel anxious and then just start eating anything I could find. That hasn’t happened in the last month. When stress comes up I just deal instead of eating. It is kind of unbelievable and exciting.

—D. J.

The ~ 45-year-old me didn’t realize how much the 63-year-old me would appreciate my first Feldenkrais Method “Awareness” class. Your words are with me to this day. Thanks for changing my physical self by raising my awareness of movement, and my spiritual self by bringing my whole self to work.

—Joanne Griffith

Mary RuddA few years ago I was in a house fire with five of my training classmates in Baltimore. We were very fortunate to survive but we experienced a great deal of trauma and anguish during the ordeal. In the days following, while still there for training, we were given terrific support. The fire brought out some of the best human traits I have ever witnessed in people–both in those involved and in those who surrounded us. They didn’t try to analyze it or to judge it. They didn’t try to understand what they couldn’t understand, and no one minimized it. People just stayed present with us when we wanted it. Later, I went to a Feldenkrais Method teacher in Cincinnati (Cynthia Allen) who helped me come back into full breathing mode and feel safe again. Her work with me helped me get through the flashbacks I experienced when I heard sirens in town or smelled burning fire pits in the neighborhood. Just learning to stay inside oneself and breathe until the anxiety passes is a very important skill for those who know trauma….Who knew I would learn the healing power of the Feldenkrais Method in this way!? Amazing.

—Mary Rudd

Larry is an amazing practitioner. I had one Neuro Linguistic Programming session with Larry 6 years ago, it completely healed/modified my issue. I highly recommend Larry if you are trying to overcome a personal or life issue.

—Nancy Lavergne

tree buds in springI came to Arwa for acupuncture because I was at my wits’ end with everything that I had tried, medical and alternative, for my colitis. Prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications, and cleanses just weren’t making my condition better. I thought I’d give acupuncture therapy a chance. I have been seeing Arwa regularly for over the past three months now and it is not an understatement to say that I have seen a significant improvement in my condition to the point where what once caused me considerable discomfort and stress throughout the day every day is no longer an issue in my life. Arwa is a very skilled and understanding acupuncturist who always answers my questions. By sticking with the therapy and making the recommended dietary changes that Arwa suggested (based on Chinese Medicine), her acupuncture therapy has really made a difference in my health and my life.

—P. S.

I came home to find many large branches from the upper canopy of my maple tree in the yard and on the garage. The branch that challenged me landed atop the garage. I resolved to get that branch down after class today. After breaking off the majority of the leaf-filled branches, I was finally able to move the long branch and maneuver it to the pile-o-fallen tree on the driveway. I was moving it from the side of the garage to the driveway when…yes, the fall to the driveway happened. I held on to the “wooden handles” of the branch and exhaled all the way to the ground. After the impact and inhale I immediately said, “THANK YOU CYNTHIA ALLEN!” and smiled as I got up. I may be sore tomorrow, but that was the sweetest fall I have ever had.

—Cynthia Bedell

I tweaked my lower back yesterday lifting a modest-sized case of donated bread at the food pantry. Cynthia knows I did not follow her instructions in the proper lift and move technique. By late afternoon when I got home, I was in the very uncomfortable zone – say 5 or 6 on the pain scale radiating across my lower back with a 7 at my right hip.

Yesterday at 5:00 pm, and again at 3:00 am this morning, I did my Bones for Life exercises. I was able to fall asleep on my back on the floor by 3:30 am and woke up to a miracle at 98% pain free.

Cynthia, thank you for being one of my guardian angels and for your self-care education.

—Mick Eck

Cynthia was instrumental in my recovery after being in a rollover accident on Pikes Peak in 1999.

—Shay Angel North

The Feldenkrais Movement and Cynthia Allen at Future Life Now got me walking again after a pelvic fracture. Amazing program! If you have a problem after knee surgery, stroke or a fall, call her. The Feldenkrais Method is a gift to us from a man that was truly a genius and survivor. Look him up. Love this!

—Priscilla Gorman

I had a great Feldenkrais session today with Cynthia Allen at Future Life Now. I went in with an achy hip and she very gently moved my body around on a low table and found the root of it all in a spot under my collarbone–an injury from when I was ten. As soon as I got home and started moving around a bit, it all made perfect sense how these tight spots in other parts of my body (my ribs and hip) are from trying to avoid that old injury from 30-years ago. Massage couldn’t find it, chiropractic couldn’t find it, nor accupuncture, years upon years of yoga and tai chi and all. The simple, pain-free movements she suggested are beginning to unravel thirty years of holding, all very simply. Feldenkrais and Awareness Through Movement, where have you been all of my life!?! Thank you, Dr. Feldenkrais! Thank you, Cynthia!

—Brian Shircliff