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Never before, in the course of human history, have we understood enough about human progress and development that we could actually participate in and take responsibility for our own development. Thanks to the work of such people as Ken Wilber, Don Beck and Chris Cowen, Said Elias Dawlabani, Genpo Roshi, Michael Murphy, Howard Gardner, Robert Kegan and many others we now know that we can do just that – participate in our own development – our evolution. Regular participation in practices designed to develop mind, body, psyche and spirit, can accelerate one’s development. That’s the goal of an Integral Practice.

We are happy to announce that the interest has been quite good for the proposed Integral Practice Group. Over the course of six months, participants will experience together a number of practices that when combined create an integral approach.  Each participant will choose which practices they want to incorporate into daily life. As mentioned in previous articles, the practices will include practices to help us to:

  • Grow up – stimulate us mentally
  • Wake up – spiritual practices
  • Clean up – shadow work (the darker side of our self)
  • Show up – become more of who we really are
  • Kata – a daily practice that taps into the body, mind and spirit

Not every session will address every area, since that would allow only 30 minutes per area. In addition, some of the information to be shared may be done in advance via email or video.

There will be an informational meeting on Thursday, January 25 at 7:00 p.m. to discuss starting date, best day of week and time for the meetings.

Please click here to register for this free informational meeting.

Investment: $780.00 for 13 meetings over six months. A limited number of partial scholarships will be available based on need.

About the Author

Larry Wells

Larry Wells has Master Degrees in Divinity and Social work and is a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Consultant. He is part of the part time faculty at the University of Louisville’s Kent School of Social Work, and the Northern Kentucky Social Work department. People have life difficulties because of histories, circumstances, and the fact of having to live with people. NLP has proved to be very effective in helping to positively change the way people experience those histories, circumstances and people, as well as finding more peace and joy in life.

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  1. What is the starting date of the program. Do you think you’ll offer it later on this year – July through December as I’ll be in Colorado May-July for my daughter’s expected baby’s birth.

  2. Post

    Cathy, that has not yet been determined. Come to the meeting and perhaps we’ll be able to work something out. We have the possibility of perhaps one person joining us via zoom.

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