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  1. Jeanie
    Sorry to hear you are struggling with your shoulders. We would be happy to give you some help. Are you looking for videos, classes or private sessions?


  2. Jocelyn
    So sorry for that inconvenience. We just tested the button and it is working fine right now. Here is a direct link. Please try again if you like. We will also add you manually.


  3. Maureen – Can you try again. We have been getting signs up regularly and I also just tested it. If it doesn’t work, can you tell me what happens for you? And what browser you are using? Thanks. Cynthia

  4. Buttons don’t work!!! They are really slick and looking good yet too much unproductive effort….

  5. So sorry. Clearly there is a problem we aren’t seeing. I signed you up and we are unleashing a team of fireants to hunt the problem down and fix.

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