Lightness of Spirit ~ Blessing of Gravity

a transformative Mexico retreat

FEBRUARY 24 – MARCH 2 , 2018 

Earlybird rates expire December 31st

a retreat featuring Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, NLP, integral philosophy and the energy of the four directions.

with Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells


Walking into the expanse of Cincos Elementos, the sky opens above you as the mountains greet you in the North. In this place, you will make friends with gravity, feel burdens dropping away and gain clarity for the next leg of your journey.

An adventure of the soul and body await you. You are not so protected here that you simply have an American experience in another country. We will cocoon you just enough, but give you dips into local culture.

“This retreat was a perfect blend of learning more about this movement work, exploring a lovely locale, examining my personal experience and integrating it all in supported, healthy, challenging ways.

The group was wonderful and the teachers outstanding. I’d go again and bring my friends…. No question.”Shawn Dougherty

What will you get from this journey?

  • Tend to your own inner world
  • Rediscover your body and ease in motion
  • Create harmony between yourself and gravity
  • Explore spiritual and integral development and where you are in the process
  • Experience co-creation and holding of space
  • Outline your own integral practice
  • Identify and release what holds you back so it can transform into a growth energy

The Cuisine

Vegetarian, Meat lovers, Vegan, Gluten or Dairy free? No problem – the chef for the catered meals will accommodate these food needs. The breakfast stores we provide are light options for preparing your own simple breakfast in your suite.

“This retreat was a great experience for my personal growth, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I really appreciated both Cynthia’s and Larry’s skills and insights in creating a safe group space that encouraged everyone’s individual growth.”Rachel Garst

Cynthia Allen

Cynthia's life has been profoundly influenced through immersive experiences in the Feldenkrais Method, spiritual explorations and creative arts. She loves extending that same opportunity to others and has been doing so for 20 years.

For Cynthia, these retreats offer a unique opportunity to skillfully create a weaving that opens one to deep transformation and builds community.

Cynthia is a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence and Integral Human Gait co-creator. She has trained with Alberto Villodo in the Inka Medicine Wheel and is a Mesa Carrier in that tradition.

Larry Wells

Since quite young, Larry has been called to help people find more joy from life. Integral philosophy and transformation has been a depth part of his journey for nearly twenty-two years now. He is currently exploring what it means to Show Up and Grow Up.

Larry holds a Masters in Divinity and in Social Work. He is a Master Practitioner, Trainer and Consultant in Neuro-Linguistics Programming. He is trained in the Inka Medicine Wheel and is a Mesa Carrier in that tradition. He values many spiritual paths including the Christian tradition for which he was a pastor for over twenty years.