There Must Be 50 Ways to Leave a Lover

I have always wanted to name a series after the Paul Simon song. It seems like a fit to me because a primary aspect of the Feldenkrais Method is having at least 3-5 ways to do any act. Moshe Feldenkrais called this true choice instead of either/or.

In this short summer series with a few regulars (apparently no one new resonated with the title–imagine that!) I took the liberty to explore navigational lessons for slinking or rolling across the floor once one has managed to get out of the bed unnoticed.

REMINDER: Only you can keep yourself safe. Keep all movements within the easy, comfortable range. If something doesn’t not feel right, do not persist but instead take a break or do it in your imagination.

Lesson 1:
Rolling in Various Ways
[60 minutes]

Lesson 3:
Walking the Feet in a Circle in Supine
[58 minutes]

Lesson 2:
Hands on Feet, Spinning the Sitting Bone
[56 minutes]

Lesson 4:
Creep with me (or without me)
[58 minutes]