Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a life changing approach that uses the mind-body-spirit connection to bring about desired changes in health, behaviors, beliefs and attitudes. It is a non-judgmental and solution-focused discipline.

During a few brief sessions, NLP helps individuals transform or eliminate undesirable outcomes in such a way that new and more useful behaviors/outcomes become automatic.
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Why use Neuro Linguistic Programming?

People have used it for help with emotions, relationships/communication, business/school achievement, leadership, health, and beliefs about health and healing. NLP is effective in breaking habits and undesirable lifestyle practices, eliminating phobias and allergic responses, improving athletic ability, and more.

Group or Individual Session

If you desire to develop skill sets relating to communication, building rapport, becoming a better sales person, or deep listening, participating in a workshop, group coaching session or certification program are great options.

For more personal issues, individual sessions are typically best.

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What can I expect in a NLP session?

Larry Wells with client guided imagery NLPInitially, a typical session may appear to be similar to traditional “talk therapy” in that the practitioner will ask questions to get as complete an understanding as possible of the problem situation and what outcome the client would like to achieve. A major difference, however, is that the practitioner is interested in the structure of the problem, not its content. That is, a client may say, “I was traumatized as a child.” The practitioner doesn’t need to know how the abuse occurred, who the abuser was, how long it lasted or any of that. The client will not need to talk about what happened, but only how what happened impacts them today. From that information, the practitioner will assist the client in expanding their model of the world so that they have more choices in how they respond to the current situation. Those choices make it possible for the client to achieve the desired outcome. Sessions sometimes involve hypnosis, deep relaxation and guided imagery.

What’s up with the name?

The name neuro linguistic programming sounds technical, but it points out the way in which the brain can rapidly change to do what you have always wanted to do but just haven’t quite been able to pull off to your personal satisfaction.

The “neuro” of NLP references the brain and how the individual or organization internally represents or thinks about reality. The client may not be aware of their ongoing internal dialogue or imagery, but the practitioner will be able to use the client’s “linguistic” or language patterns to get on the same page quickly. Once the page has been established, the

By restructuring the internal maps of reality, the impossible becomes possible.

-Larry Wells

practitioner and client can move on to the “programming” part of NLP. This is simply the adjusting of the mental processes so they can achieve the desired outcomes. Because the practitioner is skilled at deep listening and helping the client drop into a resourceful calm place, the client can quickly, easily, and painlessly harness the needed resources and transition to the desired outcome.

An NLP practitioner listens to how a client presents a current problem state and then helps the client access the appropriate and sufficient internal resources in such a way that the internal representation of the problem changes. When this occurs the client achieves the hoped for outcome.

Is it magic?

Clients often report a kind of magical quality to a session, wondering how the session could have yielded such clear results. That is the beauty of NLP. Talking in depth about an issue is not required, and from the perspective of NLP doing so often mires the person in the mud of the problem even more. The skilled practitioner helps the client step outside of the problem into a new level of brain power and thus a quick, powerful change occurs.

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