When life gets absurd,
effective and rapid intervention is needed.

Sometimes you need more
elegant and creative tools for transformation.

As a coach, somatic/wellness practitioner or consultant you help people transform their lives. Yet, there are situations where you find your skill set inadequate. It takes too long. Or you simply don’t see progress at all. The client might as well be walking a tight rope with high heels on while carrying an elephant on her back. It looks precarious. It feels precarious. You know there is a key to it, but the key somehow eludes you. You want to help your clients make rapid, effective progress. You want to hear them deeply and then help them reach their desired outcome. 

When behaviors, capabilities, beliefs, values and mission align, transformation happens quickly and easily. The impossible, becomes possible. Both you and your clients will feel on top of the world instead of precariously balanced. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Put you and your clients on top of the world.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a life changing approach that uses the mind-body-spirit connection to bring about desired changes in health, behaviors, beliefs and attitudes. It is a non-judgmental and solution-focused discipline.

During a few brief sessions, NLP helps individuals transform or eliminate undesirable outcomes in such a way that new and more useful behaviors/outcomes become automatic.

People have used it for help with emotions, relationships/communication, business/school achievement, leadership, health, and beliefs about health and healing. NLP is effective in breaking habits and undesirable lifestyle practices, eliminating phobias and allergic responses, improving athletic ability, and more.

NLP Certification or Immersion

Discover how to:

  • Communicate so others can understand
  • Create the life you want
  • Help others create the life they want
  • Find solutions to intractable situations
  • Resolve internal conflicts
  • Manage your emotions
  • Widen horizons/increase options
  • Get and stay motivated to achieve

Become competent in:

  • Building and maintaining rapport
  • Reading and using physiological cues
  • Strategies for decision making, creativity and learning
  • Creating well-formed outcomes
  • Re-framing
  • Constructive analysis

Learn powerful techniques:

  • Anchoring 
  • Creating a circle of excellence 
  • Personal history change
  • Fast phobia cure
  • Visual squash
  • State change/trance induction

Go beyond cognitive learning and get this new learning into your muscle/body.

Experience and practice many NLP techniques that will open doors to living life more fully. 

Fee Structure

All programs require a deposit. You can pay the balance before the start of the program or claim a payment plan. Click on the Learn More/Register button for all the details. 

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To Be Announced

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About Larry Wells, M.Div, MSW

Larry Wells is a Certified Trainer/Consultant and a member of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community.

He has been using Neuro Linguistic Programming in private practice for 30 years.

Larry also has training in Spiral Dynamics and organizational development. He has worked in schools, churches, sales, and for profit and non-profit corporations. He is a Sounder Sleep System® teacher and the founder of Future Life Now, LLC.