Influencing Self and Others for Success

a 2 1/2 day tranformative retreat
with Larry Wells

The Next Step in Personal and Professional Development

Dear Seeker,

Are you successful? At work? In relationships? In recreation?

Ask most people these questions and they do not know how to answer.

My father was a hardworking man. A regular work week was 48 hours but he almost always worked 60 hours or more. He learned plumbing, welding, HVAC and invented a process for vacuum packaging. He made a living and supported his family, however, he never felt successful. There’s a difference between making a living, even a good living and being successful. What is it?

I’ll help you experience what I’m talking about and give you an opportunity to invest in your own development in this retreat.

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November 4th – 6th, 2016

Larry Wells is an exceptional teacher and coach and a truly gifted practitioner. His training has brought about remarkable change and efficacy in how I work my management team, as well as in my ongoing personal development.Mark Davis, Southern Ohio District Manager, Barnes & Noble

Influencing Self and Others for Success

November 4th – 6th, 2016
Located in the beautiful Future Life Now
4138 Hamilton Avenue, Suite B, Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
Hours: Friday and Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 9:00am – 1:00pm
Special Limited Time Price: $495 by October 1st
The price increases to $695 after

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Are you interested in making the kind of personal changes that lead to success, not by working harder or even smarter but by taking that next step in personal development? That’s what will happen at the experiential “Influence Self and Others for Success” retreat.
You will:

  • Discover how to experience success now
  • Discover the unconscious “mental programs” that automatically lead them to do what they do and how to change the programs that get in the way of success
  • Create a truly compelling future that will not be denied
  • Learn the five components of Well-Formed Outcomes
  • Gain skills to achieve and maintain states of excellence
  • Acquire skills for building and maintain rapport
  • Unleash their hidden talent for being a leader that others want to follow
  • Learn processes for retraining the brain for success

This workshop counts towards NLP Basic Certification should you desire to become a certified practitioner.

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The workshop is not being in held in a hotel so you do needm ground transportation arrangements. We suggest a rental car for ease.

I am amazed at how powerful Larry’s techniques are and how useful they are in my day-to-day work with clients.

I can’t recommend the training and Larry’s mentoring enough to anyone who regularly impacts the life and work of others.Cyndi Wineinger, The Wineinger Company, Hiring, Coaching, Team and Staff Consulting

I worked with Larry on my cold call reluctance. It was powerful! In only two sessions I was on top of my game with a whole new thought process. The power is in me, that’s what Larry taught me. If you struggle with tapping into your strength and you don’t go see him you’re making a mistake.Steve Farfsing President, Prospect Stream


Larry Wells, M.Div, M.S.W.
NLP Master Practitioner – Partner

I have plenty of rich years of education, training and work in organizational development, social work, ministry and coaching. I am pleased that I have been able to help thousands of people over the years attain important and often extraordinary results. But my own life has also been impacted by Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a profound way.

When I was training as a master practitioner in NLP back in 1991, I had a moment of profound clarity. I understood my purpose in a felt way that changed everything for me.

I didn’t try to be different, I was different. Over the next several weeks, I discovered myself responding to life very differently than I had before that event. Achieving was easier. The way I related to people improved. I was much clearer about where I was going and how to get there.

Without my working hard or even being fully aware, that training changed the way I related to my family, my friends and my work. I heard my older daughter on the phone one day saying to a friend. “Dad’s been really weird since he got back from California.” It was said as if “weird” were a good thing. I had always had a good relationship with my boss, but colleagues were amazed in the change at how we related. It was as if we were colleagues respecting one another’s mission and working to create an environment in which those missions could be fulfilled simultaneously.

To this day, this is why I do what I do. I am committed to helping people live in a “world to which people want to belong” (from the moto of NLP University “Creating a world to which people want to belong”).

In addition to that I am committed to teaching others how to help people create such a world. I am dedicated to being a leader in the mission of world transformation. You and I can make a difference. Please join me.

Register below and I’ll give you an opportunity to experience what I’m talking about and give you an opportunity to invest in your own development by registering for this retreat.

I have had the opportunity to work with and co-teach several leadership development courses with Larry Wells over the last two years. He is a delight to work with and his extensive background and experience in the organizational development arena equipped him well in his training role.

Larry’s training skills are at a master level. He is a skilled and knowledgeable presenter who connects with his audience and drives home the content as well.Joe Faessler, President, Interpersonal Communication Associates, Inc