Wellness and Health Maintenance

Future Life Now is not just about improving chronic health issues. We do this and we do it well. Our ultimate goal is help clients shift from reactive pain treatment to natural wellness and fullness in life both physical and mental.

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Wellness done differently: a holistic view of your health with alternative practices and guidance to achieve your greatest potential

Holistic Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement lessonFuture Life Now offers a variety of alternative medicine and holistic mind and body therapies and treatments that are unique to our holistic health and wellness center. Our licensed and certified practitioners have years of experience applying their knowledge and treatments.

Through our movement intelligence services and classes, you may reach new levels of health and wellness not thought possible. Maybe it’s nagging low back pain, reduced flexibility, old sports related injuries continuing to cause you problems and creating barriers for true wellness. We can help develop unique and specific wellness programs and routines to surpass these issues and help you live life to the fullest.

Our key wellness services can put you on the path to more confidence and health

Feldenkrais Method® ~ Neuro Linguistic Programming  ~  Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine
Sounder Sleep System®  ~  Bones for Life®  ~  Massage  ~  Walk for Life  ~

Craniosacral Therapy ~ Myofascial Release ~ Integral Human Gait theory

All of these approaches are great to use periodically for maintaining health. Or select your next goal in life and let’s get to it.

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