Holistic Health Center
Live, In-Person Schedule & Classes

If you know what type of therapy session you want, please feel free to schedule on-line. If you don’t see the appointment you want, just click on our logo to come back here and contact us for more options. The on-line system may not reflect all available dates and times. You can schedule by phone by calling 513.541.5720 or email us at support@futurelifenow.com.

Our practitioners are available for scheduling online.

Membership to the Your Learning Body Library
With access to over 100 hours of video and audio lessons.

Introductory Health & Wellness Classes


An online and in-person training
Dual certification possible or chose one

Starting March/2020
Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification
Registration deadline January 31, 2020

Starting Fall/2020

Bones for Life Immersion/Certification

Contact us if you are interested.

Class Series

Mondays, 11/25-12/16
6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Slowing Down-Dropping In: a Feldenkrais series

Wednesdays, 11/06 – 12/18
10:30 – 11:45 a.m.
Balance, Posture and Power 65+

Events & Other Fun

1/25 – 1/31, 2020
Costa Rica
a transformative retreat
Yes to Life
hummingbird and monkey medicine
Only a couple of rooms left!

Let us know if you are interested by email