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I will never forget how, as a young girl of 9 or so, I saw my Dad crawl on all fours in pain for several days in a row. We were told that Dad’s back went out and he would be able to stand up in a few days. What in the world was this? It was weird to be taller than him and to watch him grunt and crawl. Mom took him to Dr. Robert Fulford, a cranial osteopath, and sure enough Dad recovered without drugs or surgery. Later, I discovered that he had fallen down a hill in the Korean War, which caused significant damage to his back.

There are many such stories in my family, including my own traumatic birth in the mid-50’s with a high forceps delivery which resulted in a misshaped cranium. My jaw was pulled forward and my ears stuck out. The pediatrician told my parents not to worry. I could have my ears clipped and my jaw broken and rewired to realign. Brutal sounding, right?

My mother and grandmother had also been treated by Dr. Fulford. So it didn’t take long before mom bundled me up and carted me off to see him as well. He performed

After a session with a client, I love watching them walk out of the room with “that look” of peace and relief visible even in their stance. I, too, know that feeling from my own experience.


Terry Pharo

cranialsacral therapy on me throughout the first 18 months of my life and gently realigned my skull. When Mom took me back to the pediatrician for my annual checkup, he couldn’t believe how perfectly shaped my head and jaw were. Mom proudly told him about Dr. Fulfords’ work. The result was a prompt scolding for taking me to a quack who could have affected my brain and made me mentally challenged. Needless to say we never saw that pediatrician again.

Terry Pharo applying massage therapy techiniquesI really liked my sessions with him. I remember once asking what he was doing. “Are you reading my mind?” As he quietly worked, he said, “In a way. I’m listening to what your body’s saying.” I was mesmerized by the idea of him being able to listen inside of me. Through these experiences, I became intrigued about our bodies’ ability to self-correct.

It turns out Dr. Fulford studied directly under Dr. Sutherland, the father of cranial sacral therapy. And my family was the beneficiary of this amazing, subtle work.

Even with all that potent background, my first career choice was cosmetology school in 1975. I was a successful cosmetologist. Fortunately, therapeutic massage therapy was gaining in popularity and a wonderful school opened in Lebanon. In February of 1992 I began classes and felt like I had come home. While I still practice cosmetology, I now incorporate many healing aspects into those sessions as well.

My studies beyond massage school include cranial sacral therapy, neuro-muscular therapy, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, myofacial release, lymphatic drainage, Reiki, Geriatric massage and Bones for Life®.

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